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ACCOUNTANCY We carry out bookkeeping and accountancy preparation for all sizes and types of businesses either in house or on the clients premises whichever they choose. Our aim is to provide an accurate service which adds value and enables businesses to achieve their full potential and pursue all opportunities. The firm are Sage bookkeeping resellers and we offer a full support and training service. The firm have high quality management and staff who in acting for clients are able to: Maximise profitability Reduce tax liabilities Plan ahead as regards tax Increase revenue and reduce costs Ensure full compliance with the various tax regimes Although we are not Registered Auditors, due to the fact that 99% of our clients do not need a statutory audit, we have an alliance with another Chartered Accountant and Registered auditor should this be required TAXATION Our expertise in this area enables our clients to negotiate the increasing minefield of complex legislation. This ensures the avoidance of penalties and maximising tax saving. We are able to give clients accurate tax advice and advise in the area of tax planning. Every business must be forward thinking when it comes to tax planning. Anticipating problems before they arise is at the forefront of our planning procedure. The tax planning process is an effective tool in reducing tax , vat and national insurance liabilities whilst fully complying with the law. Our key areas of advice cover: Income tax and self assessment National insurance Corporation tax Capital gains tax Inheritance tax and wealth preservation VAT Tax planning Tax credits Compliance issues e.g. PAYE, Employed/ self employed/ IR35 issues. BUSINESS PLANNING In the modern business era any business must adapt to change and plan adequately. We can assist in many areas such as piecing together business plans, cash flow forecasts and profit forecasts. If required we can attend meetings to support finance and grant applications to bolster up the management team It is not just sufficient to be profitable the most important day to day activity is managing cash flow adequately. Our close relationship with clients means we are able to monitor their plans, maximise profit and point out deficiencies
PAYROLL We administer numerous payrolls for all sizes of client using our Sage computer bureau. All functions of payroll can be catered for from processing telepay transfers to sorting out queries on PAYE and national insurance. This part of the practice is managed by Doreen Jeffries who has huge experience in payroll administration. Client's needs are tailored individually to suit and all matters are dealt with swiftly, accurately and personally. Should clients wish to operate payroll themselves then we are more than willing to instruct them. FINANCIAL SERVICES The practice was rather unique in so much as that as well as being Chartered Accountants we had two individuals who are authorised by the Financial Services Authority to give financial advice. However with the advent of the Retail Distribution Review brought in by the Financial Services Authority the practice decided to move on from this sector. To enable our clients to benefit from Independent Financial Advice in the future we have teamed up with HCL Investment Services Limited of Brewood, Staffordshire and offer a full referral service in respect of lump sum and regular savings investments, pensions, life and critical illness cover together with advice on inheritance tax and wealth preservation. They offer advice on a full range of mortgages. Their experienced advisers lead the clients by the hand through the maze of choices available to meet their needs.
CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS             01543 503264/503204 Registered Office: 57-61 Market Place, Cannock, Staffs, WS11 1BP